Last day in Poland

It’s been a great experience to perform in CraKow and Gardzienice with 50 letters theatre company and under the direction of Cricot 2 actors Andrej and Teresa Welminski.

We hope we’ll announce more dates soon!

The nurse

PAGES FROM THE BOOK OF … This show, directed by Andrzej and Teresa Wełmińskich, referring to the tradition Cricot 2, the company directed by Tadeusz Kantor.

Methods for creating this performance resulted from the practice Cricot two Tadeusz Kantor.
In 2012 the show was invited to the International Festival Istropolitana in Bratislava, where it received two major awards in the following categories: Outstanding Achievement and Best Production. From 10 to 24 August show was presented at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and in November 2012 in Moscow at the Moscow Arts Theatre .

Ready for 50 letters’ Poland Tour

Poland Poster

Ready to go to Poland to perform in “Pages from the book of” directed by Andrej and Teresa Welminski ( an award winning show already performed in Edinburgh Festival, Moscow Arts Theatre, Istrapolitana Festival (Bratislava), where it won The Jury Award for Outstanding Achievementent and The Student Jury Award for the Best Theatre Production.

So glad to be part of this production by 50 letters Theatre Company!